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100-Mile-Long Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf Keeps Growing

A massive iceberg the size of Delaware is now even closer to breaking free from Antarctica, due to a widening crack in the ice shelf, scientists report. The Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica is cut through by a growing rift, which stretches nearly 109 miles (175 kilometers) long, new satellite data has revealed. Already in 2017, the rift has grown by 6.2 miles (10 km), and now only 12.4 miles (20 km) of ice are anchoring the massive iceberg to the ice shelf, according to Project MIDAS, an Antarctic research project based in the United Kingdom.
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In Photos: Protestors Rally in Bitter Cold to Reject Trump’s Immigration Ban

New Yorkers flooded Manhattan’s Tompkins Square Park on Monday night to protest Trump’s recent executive orders restricting immigration for people from seven Muslim countries. A large group of community members, led by local Councilwoman Rosie Mendez, spoke at the event, including imams, rabbis, members of the LGBTQ community, high school students, and leaders of minority groups who feel directly targeted by the Trump administration.
During the majority of the the Lower East Side Rally Against Hate, shivering protestors listened quietly as each leader took the mic to describe the simultaneous feelings of fear and solidarity experienced by their respective communities. Imam Abu Sufian of a local East Village mosque, who is also an immigrant, recalled taking his oath of allegiance when he became a United States citizen and pledging to uphold the Constitution in a way that he feels Trump has thus far failed to do. Melissa Aase, Executive Director of University Settlement, described her f..

Three States Are Suing Trump Over His Immigration Ban

The attorneys general from Massachusetts, New York, and Washington are suing the Trump administration for the president’s controversial executive order banning refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US, the Associated Press reports.
“This is a president who does not have respect for the rule of the law,” New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, told the AP Tuesday. “That’s something that bothers a lot of people.”
Schneiderman and Massachusetts AG Maura Healey announced on Tuesday they would be working together with groups in their states, including the ACLU, that have already filed lawsuits against the president for this action. Their statements follow Washington’s attorney general, Bob Ferguson, who announced his own lawsuit on Monday, which asks a judge to throw out certain parts of Trump’s executive order that bars people from entering the country from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.
“It’s my responsibility as attor..

Zen Mama! Alona Tal Celebrates Daughter’s Upcoming Birth with Celestial-Themed Baby Shower

Alona Tal is preparing for motherhood by celebrating in the most relaxing way possible.
The Israeliactress is set to welcome a baby girl this year with husband Marcos Ferraez, she confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.
To mark the occasion, the Supernatural alum was the guest of honor at a moon-and-stars-themed Beverly Hills, California, baby shower on Sunday, hosted by Good Carma Studio.
“This is my first pregnancy, so needless to say, the shower was a nice break from the worries and ‘what ifs’ of the unknown that lies ahead.,” Tal, 33, tells PEOPLE exclusively of her special day.
“Being Israeli born, where baby showers aren’t really a thing, I couldn’t imagine how excited I would become about having one myself. The ladies at Good Carma Studio understood me and who I am, and based on that, threw the most amazing and relaxing baby shower I have ever attended.”
The mom-to-be jokes, “I’m so grateful it was my own shower or else I would have been very jealous!”
The “zen-like” bash, decked ..

How Lauren Alaina’s Eating Disorder and Father’s Alcoholism Inspired Her New Album Road Less Traveled

Lauren Alaina will never again let the world decide what’s beautiful.
The country-pop singer sat down with PEOPLE Now to discuss how the constant change in her personal life inspired her new record Road Less Traveled — from overcoming her eating disorder to her father’s battle with alcoholism.
“I really feel like this album is my story. are all different things that have happened to me over the past few years. I had a lot of things change in my personal life — everything pretty much changed,” Alaina, 22, says, having written over 300 songs for the album, but only picking 12 of them to make the final cut.

“My parents got divorced and they both remarried other people. My dad’s an alcoholic and he went through rehab. I had an eating disorder that I overcame. I had vocal cord surgery,” the Georgia native continues. “I live country songs every single day of my life, so thank goodness I decided that was my passion!”
Alaina battled an eating disorder in her teen years after being crowned..

‘Bionic Paws’ Help Cat That Lost Hind Legs Walk Again

A cat named Pooh is now purr-oudly walking on all fours thanks to a new set of paws.
Agence France-Presse reports that in a unique surgery Pooh was fitted with brand new hind legs in the form of two small polymer-and-rubber paws, or bionic paws, mounted on titanium stems. The cat lost his own hind legs in an accident last April.
Veterinary surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov performed the procedure on Pooh and another feline named Steven, who also lost his hind legs last year.
“ give hope that even in a country like Bulgaria innovative things can be done,” Zlatinov told AFP.
The story said that this is the first veterinarian in Europe to successfully apply the pioneering method of Irish neuro-orthopaedic surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick, who fitted Oscar, the first bionic cat, new hind legs in the U.K. in 2009.
With Pooh’s first steps taking place last month, Zlatinov now deems the procedure a success.
“Pooh’s condition is more than satisfactory,” he said. “There might be some clumsiness but he c..

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